Red Zone – 21 Feb 2013

To start off the show today, Zach, Matt and Kyle talk about the NBA  trade deadline, what happened, what didn’t happen. Once the Cordovas join the crew, talk shifts to the Los Angeles Lakers and their playoff, and according to Josh and Nate, championship chances.

ext up is the world of golf, specifically Tiger Woods. Does his loss in the first round of match play mean anything for his upcoming season? The crew debates the ramifications of Tiger’s performance this week at the WGC Match Play. Kyle and Josh give analogies for the Tiger situation, with Hercules and Sea Monkeys being involved. Needless to say, this is must hear radio.
Tiger Woods Match Play
After no show last Thursday, this week’s edition of “30 Love is all Valentine’s Day. Where would you bring a date on Valentine’s Day?
30 Love v2
To close out the show, the crew talks about a new drug in testing that sobers you up in 45min. The pharmaceutical expert Skip Jr. expects this drug to be approved by the FDA so stay tuned for that.