Red Zone – 25 Feb 2013

Today’s show has an old school feel to it with Zach starting off on his own. Soon thereafter Kyle joins the show and unsurprisingly, NBA dominates the conversation. Former Seattle Supersonic and current Oklahoma City Thunder fan Kyle Iblaka-Flaka Flame Copier gives his thoughts on the new NBA franchise moving to Seattle next season, and whether or not his allegiances will switch. In addition, Kyle talks about the chances his Thunder have of winning a NBA championship this year.
seattle supersonics
Next up, the two discuss their favorite players in the NBA. The former 76er great Allen Iverson for Zach and Ibaka-like player Dikembe Mutombo. NBA talk continues, everything from MJ’s possible return to what player’s they’d love to watch in person.
When New Boston victoriously returns from the game and joins the show, the 3 talk about the game and in particular Utah Jazz fans.