Letter to the Editor: Debate comments offensive

I recently listened to the radio broadcast of the ASUU election debates. I have friends running for both parties, so I wanted to support both sides. As far as I could tell, in my opinion the HOUSE Party won the debate. The Peak Party seemed less prepared. The Peak Party has answers, but the HOUSE Party had answers and solutions with plans. So what I am trying to say is I am an unbiased party.
The reason I am writing this letter is not to discuss who won the debate. I want to talk about a prejudiced remark that was made by one of the Peak Party members during the debate. The Peak Party discussed the plan of having “midget mud wresting.”
I want to bring this to your attention, because I could not believe how derogatory this comment was. It made me feel like our university just regressed about 100 years. Our campus has made huge efforts to value diversity, and it makes me sad that we have people who are running for our own student association making derogatory comments.

Alexis Arnett,
Junior, Social Work