Baseball Talk – Ep. 09 – Apr 3

On this weeks show, Will and Matt dive right into Opening Week and how excited they are for major league baseball.  They opened the show talking about Yu Darvish and how he came super close to a perfect game.  They followed that up with Clayton Kershaw pitch a phenomenal game on opening day.  Lastly, they opened up with Robinson Cano dropping his agent, Scott Boris, for JayZ.
During the Ute Baseball Segment, Will and Matt discussed the challenges Utah faced this last weekend against the college national champions, Arizona.  Utah would end up getting swept on the road.  Although there were some bright notes on the trip, overall, Utah struggled to get it done.
Will and Matt then had a discussion on the designated hitter and whether MLB should integrate it into the National League.  With interleague play going on year long this year, the topic has come up by many players, pundits and fans.  What do you think about the DH?