Letter to the Editor: Columnist’s stance on LDS website prejudiced

I found Rose Jones’ comments regarding the LDS stance on LGBT matters more biased, bigoted and ignorant than anything the LDS church has ever said. The LDS church does not discriminate against gays any more than the university discriminates against Harley riders. The church continues to provide loving support, encouragement and sincere caring to everyone, regardless of nationality, sex, sexual orientation or skin color.
It is true that practicing gays cannot hold any official position within the church, because homosexuality is considered behavior that is not in line with the standards and teachings of the church. This belief was established over 4,000 years ago among the ancient Israelites and has been a world-wide standard since then; only in the last 50 years becoming a social issue in the interest of recognition, diversity and, finally, acceptance.
The church is free to exercise its standards and teachings with or without your approval. You can no more dictate what the church should teach than you can dictate the mating ritual of sea cucumbers. Whatever your motive, raging against a religious establishment that teaches honesty, benevolence, chastity and “doing good to all men” is nothing short of blind intolerance. Consider carefully before you begin flinging about words like distortion, artificial and prejudice again. You seem to be pointing at yourself.

A Tolerant and Accepting Human