OUR_Ep.16_Rastafarian Banana and Kriss Kross

The boys talk about the impending Graduation on the University of Utah campus. Netflix is making some questionable moves by getting rid of 2,000 titles such as “Big Daddy” or “Adaptation”. Sascha talks about his favorite Adam Sandler movies while Johnny can’t seem to tell the difference from one to another. 2012 was the lowest year in Salt Lake City for bicycle citations and Sascha voices his displeasure with city cyclists while Johnny shares a story about a one legged bicyclist.
Duke University is hiking fees for student healthcare plans to include transgender sex changes. Google Glasses have been reported to have been hacked and jail broken allowing the user of the Google Glasses to record whatever the users sees with voice commands or subtle hand gestures.
Google Glass
Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper are coming to Usana Amphitheatre as well as Dave Mathews Band thus provoking Sascha to express his feelings about the Dave Mathews Band. Johnny shares his love for the song, “Jump” by Kriss Kross and informs the listeners about Chris Kelley aka “Mac Daddy” death at 34 years old. Johnny and Sascha then proceed to talk about their own hip-hop groups they had back in the day.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=010KyIQjkTk]
A New Hampshire man loses his life savings on a carnival game trying to win an Xbox Kinect. After spending $2, 600, all the man left with was a giant Rastafarian Banana. College Humor is willing to buy the Banana for $2,600 provided that their page gets enough likes.
The boys close out the show with the Comedy Cubicle featuring Brian Regan. Sascha and Johnny talk about the preference of clean comedy over dirty comedy, the use of self-deprecation and uses different material for different audiences.
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