OUR_Ep.17_Goldfish and the bike rider

Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon start the show talking about Johnny’s workout music and routine. Johnny mentions his favorite song to listen to while jogging outside is Carly Commando’s, “Everyday”. University of Utah is planning to ban skateboards and all recreational riding on campus. Sascha rehashes his dislike for bicyclists but shows support for skateboard enthusiasts. Johnny is annoyed that there is no mention of Razor Scooters.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B26asyGKDo]
Tiki Barber’s brother, Ronde has officially announced his retirement from the NFL with 47 inceptions and 28 sacks. Sascha wonders if Ronde will next appear on Dancing With the Stars like his brother Tiki has in the past. A snake collector has received a temporary reprieve from removing 29 Boa-constrictors from his home. According to the report each Boa-constrictors cost $12,000 and $100,000 total to store all of them.
Sascha and Johnny debate a controversial ruling that bans cops with high intelligence quotients from joining the police force using the reasoning that intelligent officers would become bored with the job. Sascha talks about a 100 pound carp that has been caught twice in one week. According to reports, San Francisco can know ban passengers that use the BART subway as a bathroom.
Sascha talks about his recent experience working in journalism. Sascha also makes the argument that the Gangam Style music video is one of the best pieces of film-making in years and Johnny discusses the shot techniques both he and Sascha learned in their Video Production class and mentions an ad for HBO Boxing that exemplifies the use of Wide, Tight and Medium shots.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtMm0swu5i8]
Johnny questions the ethics of celebrities using the crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter to fund their films. Johnny thinks that the Rock will be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger while Sascha worries about the health and size of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Sascha shares the fact with Johnny that we cannot go 100 days without a professional wrestler dying.
The boys close out the show the Comedy Cubicle featuring comedian, Aziz Ansari. Sascha had never heard Aziz’s standup before and was delighted with his material. Johnny explains the differences between writing and performing. Johnny celebrates Aziz’s performing ability and believes that Aziz Ansari was the best live performance he has ever seen.aziz-ansari-dangerously-delicious
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