Ciel Rouge – Album: Lovely, She’s a Dancer (LSD)


2 Stars

Year: 2013 Genre: Hip Hop
-Braxton Dutson-
I have to give it to Ciel, I liked the bass in the first song of Lovely She’s A Dancer (LSD), “Things” it is melodically mesmerizing, and not overpowering.  “Lovely, Shes a Dancer” is a form of hip hop music, meshed with slam poetry.  Ciel expresses himself and what seems to be personal experiences through his lyrics; much of which is based on drinking and sex and how much of a womanizer he is.  There are voices that chime in to sing a chorus every so often, then they let Ciel take over again.  The Beats that Ciel has in his promo are enjoyable, the chorus voices, and the hint of narcissism in the lyrics make it easy to lose interest in listening to the CD.  If you enjoy Slam poetry and hip hop this may be the artist for you.
Check out whats new from Ciel Rouge on his Facebook Page   LSD is due to come out at the end of May
Just a teaser video from Ciel