DJ Rex Mundi, Track “Seek and Destroy (Original Mix)

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5 StarsRelease Date: May 13th, 2013 Genre: Darker Progressive Trance
-Andrew Andreasen-
Sexy Rexy” is back in the producing game with his highly awaited “Hidden Treasures E.P.;” within this E.P. lies an almost certain classic to-be – “Seek and Destroy”. The track will no doubt be a favorite in darker trance circles during the long awaited summer season, but this track is no beachy, uplifting, Balearic tune.  Check it out Exclusively on Beatport (Available on other portals May 27th)
Seek and Destroy” is an expertly crafted combination of both hard-hitting club beats and a deep, introspective atmosphere. Right off the bat, you can feel the sense of the club as the compressed bass beats yield a throbbing groove. Meanwhile, an exciting gated pad raises the energy, alongside a wailing lead that gives the track a very unique rhythm. As the tune approaches the breakdown, a false sense of closure overhangs; suddenly the pads and leads return, drop again as the static atmosphere holds together the track, then returns to the chorus in a massively anticipated drop.
With this kind of unique rhythm, groove, and melody, it was obvious that the track deserved a full 5 star rating, as this is one tune that will certainly be played throughout the summer, due to its epic ability to get a person dancing.
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