Rob Decoup Album: “Pain”

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3 and half Stars

Year: 2013 Genre: Grung/Alternative Rock
-Braxton Dutson-
Rob Decoup has created a few songs that will get stuck in your head, “Pain” being one of those songs; where the Rob sings from the point of view of pain and just who pain is.  Rob creates a dirty grungy sound with clean guitar solos sprinkled throughout his songs;  “Burn Me to the Ground” exemplifies this grungy feel, and catchy guitar licks.  I enjoyed his album, with catchy lyrics and guitar licks; however his acoustic version gives him better justice when it comes to singing.  He has a raw voice creating an atmosphere of a coffee shop jam session but with a sort of nirvana rock feel to it.  If you are into alternative rock take a listen to his CD and if you are a more acoustic lover get on YouTube and look up Rob Decoup “pain” in NYC, his live show is much more impressive than his CD.  Both are worth looking at either way.
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