Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album: Mosquito


4 Stars

Year:  2013 Genre: Indie Rock
-Alyssa Morris-
Since they hit the music scene in 2002 the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have phased from loud, heavy punk to slightly more melancholy alternative, to glitzy, danceable, almost-pop and have earned their place in the hearts of all different kinds of music-lovers. Their latest album, Mosquito, exhibits all of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs eclectic personalities.
Mosquito elaborates on their many different sounds established in previous releases, making their latest incarnation more diverse than ever. The album’s title track features Karen O’s trademark, borderline-silly sound effects amidst wailing guitars and a deadly lyrical edge, showcasing the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s untouchable, larger-than-life bravado while at the other end of the spectrum Mosquito’s closing track, Wedding Song, brings the band back to Earth with a startlingly tender, personal feel. Leftover glitter from 2009’s It’s Blitz! peppers “Always” (a decent song despite the blatant traces of cheesy 80s love ballads scattered throughout) and James Murphy-produced “Buried Alive” but their grunge roots are still comfortingly apparent in ­­­­“Area 52”. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs embrace their punk side in “Despair” with its fuzzy guitar sound and revisit their newfound tribal drum influence established in the opening track, “Sacrilege”.
While Mosquito is not quite as crank-it-up-to-11-worthy as Fever to Tell, it proves that after ten years Karen O and co. have still got it.
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