Daft Punk, Album: Random Access Memories

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4 Stars

-Max McLeod-
Year: 2013  Genre:  Electronic/Funk/Disco
As Daft Punk’s first studio album in eight years, Random Access Memories has a lot of hype to live up to.  Coming from a hit group with several Grammy awards, and a huge cult following, this has been a long-awaited album.
Claiming that this album would be forged with little to no digital instruments or drum tracks, via returning to studios used by disco bands of the seventies, Daft Punk surprised many long-time listeners, but drew them back in with the long list of collaborators, including Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, Nile Rodgers of Chic, and Panda Bear of Animal Collective.
The album starts out strong, proclaiming their intention with this album: Give Life Back to Music.  The first few songs are strong electronically, well-crafted with catchy choruses and beautiful transitions.  Much like Daft Punk’s hit album, Discovery, they use different sounds and effects to create an incredible journey with a very electronic sound, with hints and flavors of the funky guitars and styles that were promised in the album.  Then, the sixth song, Lose Yourself to Dance, hits.  Instantly you realize that these two DJ’s from Paris, France are funkier and have more soul than any musicians you’ve heard in the last decade.  The rest of the album is a musical trip back to the seventies, with the sounds of the future mixed in. The last song, Contact, reminds you that they are not just musicians, they are artists.  It paints a picture of humanity and music like you’ve never seen before.  Overall, this album is definitely worth a listen for anyone, electronic fan or not.  Daft Punk has created another fantastic album, transcending genre or time, and thoroughly giving life back to music.
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