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So far this season, the Utah volleyball team has lost every game in which it lost the first set, something that changed last night as it beat Weber State in four sets.

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Just in time for Gay Pride Week, Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume welcome the Manager of Operations & Communications at Equality Utah, Alejandro Roark. Alejandro dives right into the issues for LGBT community. Equality Utah began six years ago as a political action committee to change the face of Utah Legislature for LGBT rights. Alejandro shares the inside perspective o  f the current struggle the LGBT community deals with everyday. Alejandro clarifies the political process and places a heavy emphasis on voting. Sascha mentions a speech preformed at a rally by 2010 Gay Pride Parade Grand Marshall, Sister Dottie Dixon that featured at the end of the show.

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Johnny talks about George Zimmerman defense fund is nearly depleted two weeks before the trial begins. Sascha talks about the cost of legal defense and Johnny speculates the outcome of the murder trial. Sascha talks about the upcoming group project he and Johnny will be working on for a documentary studies class in Montana. Sascha breaks the news about the University of Utah’s new class president’s impeachment over his grade point average. Sascha questions the ethics behind revealing the Student Presidents grade point average and Johnny shares the reason why he will never run for political office.
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James Lipton reveals his past career as a pimp in Paris, France and Sascha and Johnny debate whether or not this will affect his career. Johnny shares a story about a ruling that determined an Oregon man’s Law School student loan debt forgiven on the grounds that he was too stupid to pass the bar exam. A Westminster Graduate recently published a comic book about LDS superheroes and Sascha questions whether or not one needs a university education to write a comic book. A Danish study has determined that Wi-Fi signals affect plant growth and mental function.
This week on the Comedy Corner/Cubicle, the featured comedian is Jim Gaffigan. Sascha considers Jim Gaffigan one of the best comedians to have ever been featured on the show. Johnny shares his appreciation for Gaffigans skill at observation and timing.
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