Alan Fitzpatrick Song: In The Beginning (Original Mix)


4 Stars

Andrew Andreasen-

Release Date:  May 27th, 2013  Genre: Dark Techno
Artist Info: Alan Fitzpatrick is a major player in the industrial techno scene, who recently became a key figure in the famous “Drumcode” label.
The pinnacle of dark, industrial techno has scored yet another massive hit with his new track, “In The Beginning.” Embracing the simplistic nature of old school industrial techno in a slower, clubby beat, Alan Fitzpatrick knits together a tribal tune that places you in a decrepit Detroit warehouse in 1990, making you move in a very hypnotic motion.
Instantly as the track starts, big, heavy bass beats permeate as faded clashes occur in the background. The growing intensity of snares and then hats begins the tribal groove as the industrial “tings” become ever more present, adding an offbeat that keeps the groove novel. In the back, a low, deep siren builds as a hissing top becomes prominent. Upon the turn around, a melody is introduced that intensifies the hypnotic rhythm and collaborates with the continuing “tings.” The breakdown gives the reverby melody a huge amount of room to exacerbate the dark tone as it deteriorates into off-tone pad notes, yielding a discordant sound that disorients the listener, as it combines with a mist of inaudible female vocal samples. To the disappointment of the listener, the melody dissipates as fast as it appeared, leaving the drop with only the vocal mist, the main reason this tune was given only 4 stars. Regardless of the melody, this is a track of massive proportions and should be added to your list of ‘must haves’, if only to get a new world glimpse on industrial techno.

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