Solid Stone Track: Grid (Original Mix)

Editor: In regards to Carrie Ferrera (“Will I ever live happily ever after?” March 9): Happily ever after is what you make of it. It isn’t a prince and a castle. It is making ends meet and saving up for a new driveway. It isn’t staring at each other lovingly 24/7.


4 Stars

-Andrew Andreasen-
Release Date: 5/13/13  Genre: Progressive Trance
Artist Info: Relatively new producer hailing from Montreal; diverse sound of trance and excellence fusions of various tones and styles.
Bringing some heat from the wintery lands of Montreal, Solid Stone is maintaining his streak of excellent, novel releases that continue to redefine the boundaries between “uplifting” and “dark” progressive trance. In his track, “Grid,” the perfect combination of these two (usually discordant) tones yields a track that almost any trancer will love, thanks to the musical insight of Solid Stone.
Starting off the track is the expected dry bass beats, building the tension in preparation of a gradual, sweeping build, filled with soft noise and the catchy melody, foreshadowing ahead. Upon the build, the full suite of frequencies is filled, as the uplifting melody and soft vocal samples lightly lead you through the bass modulations and snares. Slowly, but surely, entering the breakdown, the melody dominates as it grows in intensity – preparing for a tonal change. From light, plucky notes, the melody gradually becomes a square wave synth line, yielding a complex feeling of dark happiness. Upon the drop, the massive melody continues its travel, aided by the large bass beats and intersecting vocal samples. Unfortunately, this fantastic melodic piece only maintains itself for one verse, bringing an excellent journey through two realms to an unwanted halt, as the track enters and passes through the outro.

Available on all electronic portals (Beatport, iTunes, Juno Download, etc) as of 5/27/13