OUR_Ep.21_The Beiber and the job

This will mark the first year that BYU and Utah will face off in the conference season opener and the Utes are anxious to show the Mountain West what they are made of.

This week’s episode of Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume is a little bit different from the other episodes. Due to a scheduling conflict, the show had to be shortened in length and aired an hour earlier. Johnny starts out the show mentioning the show’s move to a new day and time, Wednesdays from 12-3pm. Johnny laments about the lack of money in his life and Sascha talks to Johnny about his other radio show, Geek Revolution Radio. Johnny learns Sascha’s lack of interest in the Game of Thrones series. Sascha explains to Johnny his new job and the implications and complications that come with awesome life changing opportunities.
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The conversation leads to the NBA Finals with The Miami Heat playing against the San Antonio Spurs. Sascha predicts the results of the Finals saying that Miami will win and Johnny thinks that the Spurs have the winning formula to beat the heat. Sascha talks about Karl Malone’s controversial remarks against Michael Jordan. The debate about steroids in sports comes up along with the topics regarding athleticism vs. fundamentals and what it takes to enter the Hall of Fame.
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Sascha wonders if violent sports such as boxing and wrestling will eventually become banned. Johnny shares his opinion of the website, “World Star Hip Hop”. Johnny expands on his theory of Justin Beiber, his public image, why everyone hates him and the business angle behind manufacturing a star instead of discovering one.
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Sascha shares his thoughts on NSA wire-tapping and phone record seizures. Johnny explains his skepticism with the news and Nielsen rating. Sascha elaborates on the direction that the media is heading and the future of journalism. Sascha shares his opinion on politics and the standards of journalism. Due to the shortened show, there was no Comedy Corner this week. Tune in next week for an inside look at the work of Chris Rock.
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