Ep. 110 – Game of Thrones Season 3 Review

In this week’s episode, the whole gang is back to discuss all the things we loved and hated about Season 3 of Game of Thrones.  They discussed some of the major plot points for this season, what they hope for in next season, and who they would kill off if given the chance to write the future for the show.

Game of Thrones

They opened the show with a new segment call “What’s In Your Ear”, in which the guys talked about all the new music they’ve been listening to this last week.  Will mentioned that he’s been listening to a lot of Spotify Radio and Johnny’s been listening to Macklemore’s new album “The Heist”.
They moved on to Star Wars News with a clip from the Jimmie Kimmel show, which featured guest J.J. Abrams.  In the clip you heard from fans making requests for the new film.  Some of the fans turned out to be one Billy D. Williams and William Shattner, making some very funny requests.
Watch the full interview here:
On Geek News, Ryan tried to convince Will that he will be seeing the Godzilla reboot because of a very special cast member added to the bill. This is how Will sees the new Godzilla film:
This is why Ryan is stoked for the new Godzilla firm (Long-live Heisenburg!):
They closed out the show with an Airing of Grievances revolving around modern film trailers and the issues with revealing too much of the movie.  They all ripped into the issues with trailers and how sometimes they show too much, showing all the good stuff, and almost ruining the film.