B-Rax on the Trax – Attack of the Minnesotan Accents, and more people with pants!


Today on B-Rax we start poking fun of Nat’s Minnesotan accent, which takes B-Rax and Em back to the good ol’ days of watching Bobbies World.  We start up a new book equal to the book If you give a mouse a cookie but the B-Rax Minnesotan version is If you Tranquilize a Moosen.  Tune in for more on that story.  All in all its another great day in the studio with many laughs and good humor.
Em takes over the studio for the last half of the show and does an amazing job! Shes growing up so fast! :’) soon she’ll have her very own show and making papa B-Rax proud!

Man uses Plastic bag used to rob a convenient store,

No Pants and drunk (the ultimate combo) lady

Russian steals toll bridge for scrap metal

Stolen teddy bear turns out to not be injured but is still not talking


Paris Mom and Daughter create an Alliance to take tests


 Songs for the show today!
Heat of the Moment  –  Asia
Balls To The Wall  –  Accept
Wine From The Water  –  The Alan Parsons Project
Mamma Mia  –  ABBA
Africa  – Toto
Teacher, Teacher   –  .38 Special
Danger Zone  –  Kenny Loggins
Surrender  – Cheap Trick
Stupid People in the News!
Good Times Bad Times  –  Led Zeppelin
One Night Love Affair  –  Brian Adams
Bohemian Rhapsody  –  Queen
Even the Losers  –  Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers

To take everyone back in time, and in honor of Danger Zone we played today, here is some Top Gun for you!