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Johnny McKeon starts out the show explaining why He wasn’t in the studio the previous week. Sascha berates Johnny for his flub on the date of the show, Johnny mistakenly recorded promos that said the show was on Thursday instead of its new day Wednesday.Sascha is grateful that his summer school classes are over and Johnny shares his experience with online courses. Sascha reveals that his low grade in his argumentation class resulted from his disdain for argumentation because Sascha thinks that he is always right. Johnny complains that his vacation interrupted his sleep schedule and explains the different ways his body reacts when waking up in the morning.
Sascha is excited for their trip to Montana to film a documentary at a wildlife preserve. Sascha expects Johnny to feel out of place in the wildness and Johnny explains that he will punch any animal that gets in his way. Sascha explains the difference between Wolves and Wolverines. Sascha starts talking about a Gorilla video gone viral and Johnny unleashes a tirade of monkey themed movies.
Johnny and Sascha debate the effects of the repeal of Prop 8 and Defense of Marriage Act. Sascha wonders if these decisions will cause divination between the citizens of this country and Johnny argues that this has already happened. Johnny thinks a food critic was unprofessional for eating 413 Red Lobster biscuits resulting in the critic going into a coma. Sascha feels that the current critical state of Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela is not being covered enough by mainstream media.
Wisconsin is serving fines to parents of children that are bullies. Sascha and Johnny debate on how to solve the bullying problem. Sascha shares a story about buying fireworks and Johnny explains his lack of experience with fireworks due to his mother being a registered nurse.
For the Comedy Corner Cubicle, Johnny introduces local Standup Comedian Steve Soelberg to the show. Johnny explains how difficult it was to follow Steve at a local show due to Steve’s amazing skills on stage. Steve shares stories about his creepy experiences on Facebook, over-zealous uses of glitter and working with comedian Norm Macdonald. Steve is headlining Wiseguys Trolley Square June 28th through the 29th.
Steve Soelberg
The boys close out the show analyzing the fantastic standup of David Spade. Sascha shares his memories of watching Spade on Saturday Night Live and the movies he did with his comedic partner, Chris Farley.
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