Artist:Fisherman & Hawkins: Rude Awakening (Original Mix)


5 Stars

Release Date: 06/17/13
Genre: Progressive Trance

Andrew Andreasen-

Artist Info:  Fisherman & Hawkins, are a DJ / producers duo from the Netherlands, focusing on the heavier side of progressive trance. Thick basslines and intense synth builds.

Fisherman & Hawkins have struck trance gold once again with their latest single, “Rude Awakening.” Although it’s quite difficult to follow up on their prior release, “Apache,” which took trance dancefloors by storm, Fisherman & Hawkins have conquered their own creation by producing a track that gives both an epic synth line and massive bass drops, assuring to please the crowd in all sorts of ways!
Starting things off with a rocking, sidechained bassline, the track immediately begins to build the tension as the misty synth leads call in the backdrop, slowly gaining intensity. Upon the climax of the leads, the bass drum really kicks in, hitting hard and thick as distorted bass synths pulsate. Acidic loops that suddenly appear wind up the tension even further, ultimately inducing a pressure release once the degrading breakdown occurs. Massive attacks and retreats from the synth pads and leads ensures a grand and “hands-in-the-air” mood, further strengthened by the transformation of the melody into an encompassing square wave synth that fills the room. The ensuing buildup that occurs warps the melody almost beyond recognition; along with sharp saw synth stabs and the destructive pitch bend, the buildup yields a drop that absolutely sets the dancefloor on fire. The still continuing melody warps and flits around the air as the bassline attacks in conjunction with the now returning acid loops. With a sound that is novel in comparison to their previous endeavours, the trance community got a glimpse of a new side of Fisherman & Hawkins that they hope they see much more in the coming weeks.