Artist: Loquai Track: Beast (Ewan Rill Remix)


5 Stars

Release Date: June 10th, 2013

Genre: Deep Progressive House

Artist Info: Loquai is a Kazakhstani producer specializing in highly percussive tracks, ranging from breaks to progressive house and even psy-trance. Ewan Rill is a highly productive Russian producer creating immensely deep and atmospheric soundscapes.

Andrew Andreasen-

    Continuing to provide a beautifully dark and deep tone to the progressive house community, Ewan Rill transforms the already great tune by Loquai, “Beast,” into a track that dives into cosmic grooves, mind-expanding atmospheres, and hypnotic rhythms that both soothe and energize. His remix of “Beast” is a track to be reckoned with, likely to be played at events, deep clubs, and lounges around the world.

    Beginning the expedition are the concise bass beats accompanied by a cosmic bass synth that glides in the background. Intermittent in the undertones are vocal and industrial pads enhanced by rhythmic bass drums, giving the tune a melodic groove akin to the traditional house tunes, with a progressive twist. A number of other transient percussive effects permeate the track: muted snares, 32nd hats, and offbeat wooden beats. Increasing vocal pad penetration increases tension that is ultimately released upon the breakdown, wherein the gliding bass synth remains. Slowly, an even deeper synth grows in intensity, all the while the vocal pads move in and out of the buildup. Upon the drop, the full intensity of the hypnotic synth is reached, complemented by background noise, snares, and the cosmic synth that began the track. A small turnaround is reached, and the tune continues in its groove-inducing drone that conjures images and emotions of enlightened, spiritual exploration; drifting travel through calm waters at night; and a connection with our tribal ancestry. With such a complex conglomeration of feelings from a single tune, it’s no wonder why Ewan Rill’s remix of “Beast” enjoys a five star rating.