Megadeth “Super Collider”

Artist: Megadeth: Super Collider

3 and half Stars

Release Date: June 4th 2013

Genre: Metal

Artist Info: Megadeth is considered to be one of the Gods of Metal. Started by Dave Mustaine, after his expulsion from the band Metallica in 1981, the band has gone through various member changes. Currently the members consist of Dave Mustaine (Vocals/Guitars), Chris Broderick (Lead Guitar), Dave Ellefson (Bass) and Shawn Drover (Drums).

~Ryan Meeks~

                         In a world that that is in need of more good metal, we often look to our metal Gods with hope of deliverence (yes, pun intended). Megadeth being one of those Gods Has continued to please its audience throughout the last decade, unlike other metal (Gods) that think their fans want an experimental fusion of Lou Reed B.S. to go along with their haphazard metal riffs. However, Super Collider  does fall a little short of the mark but not as far as the other example I mentioned.

                         Don’t get me wrong, Super Collider delivers the heavy riffs we all crave and sweet solos which inspire us. Where it falls short is in the Lyrical quality in some of the songs and the execution of the song which is named after the album. Of course the lyrics in this album compared to any other current metal composer are quite profound, but if you are looking for the classic Megadeth mixture of witty social/political banter, it is a hit and miss. The songs King Maker, Built For War and Dance in the Rain hit the spot where the songs Don’t Turn Your Back… and Super Collider (which were the two pre released sample songs of this album) sound like they should have been released on the Risk album.  I definitely suggest buying this album but it also it should be noted that this album is not the best that Megadeth has to offer.