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Jake Keenum
Director Jake Keenum left the Air Force after serving three years as a diesel mechanic in 2011. He packed his coupe with everything that could fit and left Little Rock, Arkansas to head out west to Utah. Jake had no connections when he arrived to Utah; he left all his friends and family behind. All Jake had was a dream and his passion for film.Jake found a roommate on Craigslist and a church on Google, so after a month of moving to Utah, Jake found his community. He recently married his wife last May. Now, Jake has completed his first feature length film, started a LLC in videography and photography and is in the process of closing on his first home.
“12 Til Dusk” was originally written as a Western before Director Jake Keenum decided to make it a contemporary tale of morality and consequences.”12 Til Dusk” tells the story of a former gang member who turns his life around to raise a family. His past life of poverty and violence catches up to him, and in the process, loses his family at gunpoint and is ordered to wage war on another gang leader or face dire consequences.
The film was revamped after Jake Keenum spent a great deal of time at the Salt Lake Youth Detention Center. Jake learned that the lack of father figures or proper role-models was the prime factor in these youths becoming involved in gang life. The need for a father to teach a child right from wrong before entering adulthood is so critical that without it, the children are lost. This need for fathering is a central theme and driving force of “12 Til Dusk.” The film is currently in post production and is scheduled for completion in summer 2014.
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Keith Stubbs
Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume close out the show with an interview with Keith Stubbs. Keith shares stories of working the road and the financial struggle as an up and coming stand up comedian. He elaborates on his methods for remaining confident in the face of adversity and perseverance. Keith also explains his experience in mainstream radio, his opinion on podcasts and yogurt stands. He explains how local radio can survive in big markets. Keith also explains how he managed to open up three comedy clubs in the state of Utah. Keith then shares tips for young comedians on how to find your voice, how to be a better entertainer and what it takes to be able to perform at one of his clubs.
In 1991 Keith Stubbs set aside a career working as a stock broker for PaineWebber in New York and Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong dream of being a stand-up comedian and has never looked back. It didn’t take long for Keith to get noticed by talent agents and producers. Less than two years from when he first took the stage, Keith performed twice on A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv” and on Comedy Central.
These experiences prompted Keith to load up his Geo Metro and take his comedy nationwide to perform in comedy venues from coast to coast and nearly everywhere in between. Keith spent an average 44 weeks out of the year performing at clubs all across the country. In this time, Keith developed a routine of smart, quick-witted comedy that quickly landed him headlining gigs as well as spots performing on national TV and radio programs.
Keith has opened in concert for Joan Rivers, Jim Gaffigan, Trace Adkins, Sinbad, Gladys Knight, Frank Caliendo, Lewis Black, Little Big Town, Joel McHale, and many more.
Keith was selected to perform in the Boston International Comedy Festival, FunnyFest and The Calgary Comedy Festival. In 2002 he was selected as one of only 10 comedians to perform for the Olympic athletes at the 2002 Winter Olympics at the Olympic Village in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now a resident of Ogden, Keith has twice been named “Best Comedian” by The City Weekly and “Funniest Comedian” by The Standard-Examiner newspaper. He was also a semi-finalist in Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots comedy competition. In 2004 Keith Stubbs’ voice hit the radio airwaves in Salt Lake City. He gained a loyal following of listeners eager to tune in every morning to “The Stubbs Show” for their daily dose of comedy. Keith not only made his mark with listeners across the Wasatch Front, but also made quite an impression with the Utah Broadcasters Association who awarded him “Best Radio Personality” for 8 years in a row.
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