OUR_Ep.36_Andy Gold and Matt Knudson

While the weather becomes increasingly bitter and school stress hits its peak, this time of year is a season to enjoy the spirit of caring and self-reflection. Though students are at their wits’ end with finals looming, the break after next week will prove to be a long-needed respite.

Andy GoldMatt Knudsen on Conan
Ol’ Ute Radio starts the show with another Sascha rant. Johnny tries to teach ‘Doom and Gloom,’ about being positive despite peoples lack of professionalism in  a work place settings.
The boys also discuss: Grand Theft IV, the SLC Comedy Carnival, and the ‘Holy War,’ Between the U of U and BYU.
Comedian Andy Gold calls the K-UTE Radio station to say hello and also to teach McKeon his new strategy for reinventing the comedy paradigm.
Comedy Carnivale
Matt on Conan
McKeon retells his fabulous time(s) at the SLC Comedy Carnival. At the carnival McKeon sat down and interviewed comedian Matt Knudsen, were they discuss all things fun and funny.
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