K-Ute Reflects on the Life and Times of MLK

The recording studio for YourStory could be mistaken for a comfortable living room. Two leather couches, one soft chair, a glass coffee table and chocolate-brown cabinets complement the living space. About the only things setting the room apart are pieces of recording equipment strategically placed around the room.

The show starts with Ed Munoz, the Director of Ethnic Studies at the U. Munoz discusses Sybrina Fulton’s speech and the upcoming events for “Beneath the Hoodie: A Look at Racial Profiling in America.”
ed munoz
The show’s then focuses it’s conversations to the injustices that the African American community’s deals with on a day to day bases in America.
Be prepared to have one of the most uplifting educations on topics that involve prejudice, racism and sexism.
Sheena Nyann and Dr. Brian Hotchkins panel this discussion.

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