OUR_Ep.52_How bad is the air?

Native American music echoed off the walls of the Union Ballroom on June 20 while mental health and medical professionals from across the nation attended the School of Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies conference. Experts, staff and volunteers gathered at the 57th annual conference, which provided information, lectures and workshops for students and professionals.

In tonight’s episode of Ol’ Ute Radio, Sascha and Rebecca start off with discussion on Salt Lake’s current air quality, recent events and double dates on capitol hill. This segues into talk of the recent commencement of Utah Legislature’s 45 day session.
utah legislation

After listening to a portion of the State of the Union, the two are joined again by Dakotah. Commentary on President Obama’s statements is made and they discuss opinions on the nation’s future.
In the last half of the show, various topics are explored in addition to government and politics. The three hosts share their views and experiences on subjects from playing music to loss and the grieving process.