UNews – 14 Feb. 2014

On a daily basis, anywhere from 20 to 40 people have situated themselves in the Union lounge at lunchtime, shouting at a large flat-screen TV. The hoopla doesn’t involve a Barack Obama vs. John McCain cage fight or updated footage of the floods of the midwest.

valentine's day
Today on UNews, Emily Means spoke with Kelsey Kachnik about Bedsider, a student group that promotes the proper use of birth control. Gustabo Rodriguez polled different students on campus about what Valentine’s day means to them. Keith McDonald gave a Valentine’s day lesson on Today in History, followed by fun things to do with your date on a budget. Samantha Pannier reported on the ASUU court hearing on Feb. 13, at which the ASUU Supreme Court overturned the Elections Committee’s decision to disqualify Team Unite.