Letter to the editor: Fight song should emulate U diversity

Just a “crazy” idea: Who am I, sir, a Utah ____ am I!
Is there any reason I can’t fill in that blank with any term that I am feeling at the time? This song is unique among universities and colleges in that it is an expression of who we are at the U. That term could be anything that says something about you being an individual at the university.
At any given time, you could be: woman, fan, man, grad, alumnus, greek, geek, student, engineer, sophomore, senior, your name, administrator, staff member, sportsman, sportswoman, trustee, Mormon, Catholic, Muslim, international student, father, mother. I think you get the idea of the many possibilities. Try singing a few of your own.
Imagine yourself at a game, singing our song and 30,000 people singing a term that has meaning to them individually at this U, all at the same time. Proud chaos in harmony.
It could be a way for each of us to express our unique individualism, as a fellow member of an inclusive, diverse and excellent educational community that we take pride in.
It would certainly make ours the most creative spirit song in the world.
Ryck Luthi 
Instructor, educational psychology