OUR_Ep.84_New York Rapper_Tarik Trotter

“National Treasure” Touchstone Pictures Directed by John Turteltaub It’s “Indiana Jones” meets The Da Vinci Code. Jerry Bruckheimer takes the producing reins, so expect at least one scene in which Nicolas Cage leaps into the air while the background explodes.

A very special treat for Ol’ Ute Radio, Johnny McKeon returns to co host with Sascha Blume. The boys talk wrestling, the ethics of violence and ego in hip hop and the future of Cooper Van Huizen.
Underground rapper and YouTube sensation Tarik Trotter makes his debut on Ol’ Ute Radio.
Sascha and Johnny interview Tarik about his writing method, life as an up-and-coming rapper and the inspiration for his music.
All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio.
At the end of the show you can hear Tarik’s brand new single ‘Right Here.’