Letter from the Sports Editor

News is changing.

Well, maybe not the actual news, but the way it is presented. You know what I mean. Society, as a whole, has developed this digital-first mentality where a simple tap on the iPhone or click on a Mac can pull up an infinite amount of articles and breaking news.

This could not be more evident than in the sporting world. People do not first hear about breaking sports news by reading the paper every morning with their cheap Folger’s coffee and bowl of Cheerios anymore. Sports fans wake up and either turn on the TV to watch SportsCenter or hop on Twitter to follow their favorite athletes or reporters to find the latest news.

This is why, starting this fall, the sports desk for The Daily Utah Chronicle will now be your world’s leading provider in sports news — or at least on campus.

On a serious note, though, this desk really is seeing changes, and the entire staff is committed to innovating and adapting with the rest of the world.

We all know you guys love your Utes and support the football team every Saturday at Rice-Eccles Stadium. That is why we are striving to let you relive that experience nearly every time you visit the sports section on the website. In addition to the new website that will soon be launched, we will provide the students with game recaps, reactions and even highlight tapes of each and every game.

Also, we are expanding the apps that are currently in place with The Chronicle, providing you guys with more stats, videos and recaps.

If you want to watch that amazing touchdown run, check us out. If you want to see the game-winning field goal, we’re your go-to guys. Hell, if we even end up rushing the field again (or three times), you better believe we will be on top of that.

The point I’m trying to make is we are a completely new section. Yes, we will still provide the excellent coverage that we have in the past, but we will amplify everything. Follow us on Twitter, check us out on Tout, visit our website, download our apps. We are ALL OVER social media. We want it to be as easy as possible for you guys, as students, to be able to know everything that is going on with Utah sports and beyond.

It all starts with this issue. Inside this section, you will find a TON of football coverage. We wanted to try and break down different units within the team, hopefully providing the fans with a little insider knowledge that not everyone knows about. You can also find previews for other fall sports, as well as how some Utes spent their summers.

It is an exciting time for The Daily Utah Chronicle and the U as a whole. I am hoping you all will love the coverage that we provide this year, as well as the changes that have been implemented.

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