U Students Hit Stride Two Weeks in to Semester


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

Students traded in their tote bags and beach novels for heavy backpacks and homework assignments with the start of the semester nearly two weeks ago.
Campus, which was relatively empty over the summer except for orientation sessions, suddenly became crowded as flocks of students and faculty arrived to begin classes.
During Plazafest on Tuesday, countless clubs and on-campus organizations tabled promoting student involvment, offering goodies and prizes as incentives.
Later in the week, the football team kicked off the season with a win of 56 to 14 against Idaho State University.
Last Friday, the Union Programming Council held the first Crimson Nights of the semester. Run&HYDE;, a band formed by several local students, opened the night, and White Panda took the stage afterward.
Spencer Cook, a pre-med student, found the first week to be relatively easy.
“It wasn’t that hard,” Cook said. “But, I know it’ll get harder as the semester goes on.”
The U’s Campus Bookstore was packed the last two weeks with students buying school supplies and textbooks. Planners and binders were purchased for keeping track of assignments and staying organized.
Jarin Palmer, an undeclared student, has already planned out his schedule.
“[I] have some time set aside for studying, homework and then recreation if there’s time,” Palmer said, whose goal is to work hard and ace all his classes this semester.
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