One Love Helps Students Hit the Slopes for Cheap


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

Members of One Love are chomping at the bit to hit the slopes this winter.
One Love, a club for student skiiers and snowboarders, provides access to resources for students interested in winter sports.
The club offers students discounted season passes to Brighton, Snowbird, Canyons, Park City and Alta. It provides other discounts at local ski and snowboard shops, including deals at Niche Snowboards and Panda Poles. Club members also receive discounts to ski and snowboard films screened on campus.
Tara Streng, a senior in international studies, said the club is meant to help students afford ski and snowboard passes.
“All students are on a tight budget, and it’s awesome to get your pass on a deal,” Streng said.
Sierra Kurian, a junior in biology and a member of One Love, said she enjoys the type of people the club attracts.
“It’s so fun to see people get excited on skiing and snowboarding,” Kurian said. “I’d like to see more people saying yes to the question, ‘Do you ski or snowboard?’ ”
Over ten companies sponsor One Love, Kurian added, and most do so with the desire to help college students better afford winter sports.
Kurian also said she thinks One Love gives students the chance to make friends on campus.
“All my friends are now in One Love,” she said. “It’s so fun to meet people and get stoked about one common interest. You’ll be amazed at how friendly everyone is.”
Faith Colonna, a junior in economics and a member of One Love, said the club has a lot of members.
“We’re the second largest group behind the MUSS,” Colonna said.
Colonna said she thinks it takes a lot of effort to be a member of something so large on campus.
“It’s like running a small business. People underestimate how much work it is,” she said.
She added that One Love helped her get more involved not only on campus, but also in other areas of Salt Lake City.
“I like how One Love has connected me to other parts of the industry. It’s given me an opportunity to make contacts with larger companies.”
Colonna also thinks One Love has benefited her collegiate experience as a whole.
“It has definitely broadened the student population that I’m around,” she said. “I’m an Alpha Chi Omega as well, and being able to link Greek life with One Love has made my college experience.”
For more information, go online or visit the club’s table outside the Union every Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those interested in joining must pay a one-time $10 fee.
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