Crimson Nightmare Scares the Crowds

With spooky music, free food and a haunted hallway, the U found itself in the middle of a nightmare on Friday.

The Union Programming Council hosted the Halloween-themed version of Crimson Nights. Students from the U got in for free, while students from other colleges had to pay $5. After getting a neon-colored wristband, both groups were ready for the dance party.

Hans Harris, a sophomore in business and a UPC director, helped plan the event.

“We’ve got Halloween decorations, lots of food and games,” he said. “We’re looking forward to a big crowd.”

With both a dodgeball room and a banquet room filled with cauldrons of candy, Crimson Nightmare saw students continue to file in throughout the evening, costumed as Spiderman, black cats and one solitary Tooth Fairy. Each made their way to the tables at the front of the Union to enter in the costume contest.

Harris said he was excited to have K Theory, a music trio, at the event.

“[They’re] a different group than we’ve had in the past,” he said. “We are excited to have a hip-hop group and hope that they help bring more people in and onto the dance floor.”

The Haunted Hallway was a new activity sponsored by the ASUU First Year Council. Students posted on Yik Yak, an app that allows users to anonymously describe what they’re doing, about the Crimson Night feature.

“Haunted Hallway made me poop my pants,” one student said on the app.

Allen Martinez, a freshman in finance, said he liked the Crimson Night events because “everyone is dancing and having a good time.” He was happy the night was indoors.

Ian Allgier, an undeclared freshman, said he prefers Crimson Nights when they are held outdoors because the open air is more refreshing than a hot, sweaty dance floor.

Harris was fine either way.

“We’re expecting tonight to be on par with our other Crimson Night activities,” he said.

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