Driver Takes Wrong Turn onto Legacy Bridge

A male driver gave new meaning to “off the beaten path” on Wednesday.

The 76-year-old man took a wrong turn onto Legacy Bridge near 1:30 p.m., lodging his car on the staircase. Sgt. Garth Smith with U Police said the driver became “disoriented” trying to find a meeting at the Commander’s House on upper campus.

He drove onto the flat part of the bridge, heading west, and continued driving down the stairs until the car caught. Smith said the car, a 2011 silver Audi Quattro, has “cosmetic damage” from the accident that is “consistent though the vehicle.” The bridge also suffered paint damage, but U Police does not have an estimate as to the cost.

Cal Brown Body Shop and Towing removed the vehicle before 3 p.m. Smith said they planned to tow the car off of the bridge the same route it went on.

The man has no reported affiliation with the U. And the incident is not related to a similar occurrence from Feb. 5, 2013 when a male driver crashed a blue Honda Civic on the stairs of the HPER walkway.

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