Hitchin’ a Ride to the Polls


Chris Ayers

(Photo by Chris Ayers)

(Photo by Chris Ayers)
(Photo by Chris Ayers)

In past years, ASUU has shuttled students from the Heritage Center to voting polls. This year they will not.
ASUU generally only buses students to polling locations for a presidential election, not a midterm. But that’s not going to stop Jordan Hutchinson, a freshman in business management, from voting. He’s going to carpool.
“I plan on going with a group in one car,” he said. “It’s exciting to be a part of the process.”
Naeshelle Vanotten, a freshman in nursing, said she appreciates the idea behind the ASUU transportation, but said the lack of a ride for the midterm election wouldn’t have deterred her from heading to the polls anyway.
“Every vote counts, even in a state that typically votes a certain way,” she said. “It’s important to pick a candidate that you believe in.”
The Utah midterm elections this year include representatives for U.S. Congress, the Utah Senate and the Utah House of Representatives, as well as candidates for state attorney general.
Austin Tatom, a freshman in business, said even though the Republican party dominates Utah politics, students should still consider “voting the other way.”
“It is important to vote because if you assume one side will win, that isn’t helping your state in any way,” he said.
Tatom, who said he will vote Republican, thinks every student should read the voter ballot before picking a candidate based on party affiliation.
“Take a fresh look at the candidates, be informed [and] make sure who you are voting for is actually who you want to vote for,” he said.
Hutchinson said getting involved in with the political process outside of campus is important for students.
“Our generation will eventually have to step up and take over the country, and it starts now,” he said. “We need to be a part of the decision-making for our state.”
For Vanotten, like other freshman students, this is the first election she is eligible to vote in.
“I’m finally old enough,” Vanotten said. “I’m so excited to get to the polls on Nov. 4.”
ASUU encourages students be involved, but they have not confirmed whether or not they will shuttle students to the next presidential election in 2016.
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