Getting an Early Start on ASUU Elections


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

ASUU elections aren’t until Spring Semester, but if candidates want to get involved, the time is now.
Ali Sadler, senior in political science and ASUU Elections Registrar, held the third information session regarding student elections on Monday. This is the first year these info sessions have been offered, and Sadler hopes it will make involvement more accessible and transparent.
The first session had a total turnout of 20 students, whereas the second only had four. Monday’s meeting had three students present. Sadler said she is happy with the numbers, though, because the sessions and announcements make people more aware of the elections.
The session included an overview of the process and what positions students can run for, with the second half dedicated to questions from hopeful students. Sadler’s intent is to get more students engaged.
“I think it’s important to create a sense of community,” Sadler said. “I want to create a positive culture and grow on that.”
Sadler wants candidates to remember the foundation of student politics, although there can be competitiveness during election season. She also said filing for the ASUU positions is open now, although most students don’t think about elections until February. The final info session will be Dec. 2.
“This is an opportunity for students to work together on issues they care about,” Sadler said.
She also discussed the pros and cons of running with a party versus independently. Mohan Sudabattula, a freshman in biology, found this particularly interesting.
“[It] could be better to stay neutral than tangle yourself in a party,” Sudabattula said.
He said he is excited for February to see students come together and be enthusiastic about what they care about. He said being involved in elections is important because students do have a voice on this campus.
“We are all adults here,” he said. “We all deserve to make decisions.”
Alex Norton, a freshman in political science, said that, on the other hand, being involved in a party allows you to gain more support. He would like to be involved in ASUU because he said there is a lack of diversity in opinion on campus, and he hopes to start early to avoid the “stress fest.”
Sadler also announced what the two parties will be called in the spring elections: Empower and Snow.
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