Geek Week Helps Students Prepare for Finals


(Photo by Chris Samuels)

(Photo by Chris Samuels)
(Photo by Chris Samuels)

While you’re guzzling energy drinks and pulling all-nighters to prepare for finals, head to the Marriott Library for extended study hours.
During ASUU’s Geek Week, the library will remain open for 24 hours each day from Dec. 9 to 11 and again from Dec. 16 to 18. Mom’s Café, on the bottom floor, will be offering $1 coffee for finals. There will be other discounted food and free pizza throughout the week.
ASUU will also pass out study supplies on the third floor of the library. Benjamin Kohanowski, a senior in film and media arts who has worked for the Marriott Library for two years, said Geek Week helps students prepare for finals.
“Geek Week is so beneficial for students because of the resources offered,” he said. “A lot of students don’t live on campus, and they are welcome to stay in the [library] for time and efficiency.”
Madison McIntyre, a freshman in geology, said she is looking forward to her first go at finals week, which begins on Dec. 15.
“I feel like the U really wants us to succeed with finals and papers, so they have set up a place we can do that,” she said. “I’m excited to be a part of it for the first time.”
This year, Geek Week will feature many different ways to ease the stress of students, such as parking validations, yoga in the Field House, mediation from the Counseling Center and free childcare. On Dec. 15 and 16, the library will have doughnuts for students, and on Dec. 9 and 11, dogs from Intermountain Therapy Dogs will walk through the library for students to pet. Kohanowski said this event is the highlight of the week.
“I think it’s the best that dogs walk around the library,” he said. “Overall, I have seen the dogs have a really positive influence as far as calming down students who are cramming.”
Andrew Barili, a senior in Chinese and international studies, prefers the yoga event to help him relax.
“It gets blood moving and provides some action,” he said.
Barili said the ultimate objective of Geek Week is to give students the best chance at succeeding with their tests and papers.
“ASUU and the library really have a goal to provide a better study environment and encourage students prior to them even taking their tests,” he said. “They give everyone a space to be at.”
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