Five beauty tips guaranteed bring you back to school in style

By Katherine Ellis

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the holidays over and nothing but long, sluggish winter months ahead, Spring Semester is likely a thorn in every returning student’s side. To ease the pain of school’s torment, we’ve pulled together a list of five beauty tips and tricks that will put some pep in your step and help start this semester off right.


1. Braids

Quite possibly the easiest way to look pulled together — simply take your four-day unwashed hair (we won’t tell) and plait it dutch style, fishtail or throw it in a modern side-braid to get it out of the way. Tutorials from the likes of Barefoot Blonde, Twist Me Pretty and The Beauty Department should keep you in the know without too much effort, and everyone will stop you to ask, “How did you get your hair like that?”


2. Matte Nails

A quick nail polish session will do more than update your look — it’s a great time to relax and stop worrying about work, school and grades for 20 minutes and just focus on yourself. This season a matte topcoat will modernize your mani and afford you the luxury of covering up any mistakes with the magical polish. Try this look in a variety of muted shades ranging from blush to pink to nude for a girly, natural feeling, or shake things up with a deep plum, burgundy or even black that’s guaranteed to make a statement. Essie’s “Comfy in Cashmere” flatters every skin tone, and OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark” is the perfect dark shade.


3. Add Lipstick

It doesn’t even matter what you’re wearing, slap on a fierce plum or a fiery red, and you’ll have people showering you with compliments. This year, change it up from the typical matte look and swipe on a sheer gloss for a different take on a classic staple. “Ruby Woo” from MAC (pictured) is a no-fail red, and “Cyber” (also from MAC) will definitely get you noticed this winter. Less expensive alternatives range from Revlon’s Super Lustrous “Really Red” or Loreal’s Color Riche “Mulberry 710,” and all are great options for perfecting that pout.


4. Skincare

Winter wreaks havoc on all skin types, especially since the dry Utah air can crack the skin. Moisture is key, and so is having a daily regimen in place. With busy and irregular college hours, it’s sometimes difficult to keep skin a priority, but the result is worth it. Two small goals to work toward: 1. wash your face every night, and 2. apply a moisturizer/sunscreen every morning — basic principles that will save your skin and keep you looking fresh, even in your 7:30 a.m. class. Other easy regimens to look into are oil cleansing methods, LUSH skincare lines and, most affordable, Clean & Clear. All have college-budget options and ways to personalize a routine tailored to your needs. There are also skincare apps like SkinBetter to keep you on track.


5. Hair Treatments

During dark winter months, many personal care tasks are forgotten or neglected. Shaving becomes less of a priority (your legs are covered up, anyway), pedicures are pushed to the back burner and even fashion turns into a matter of comfort and convenience (yoga pants, anyone?). But this semester, take note of your dry, brittle strands of hair, and answer their pleading cries. One of the simplest ways to take care of hair is to use coconut oil. Simply apply a generous amount of coconut oil to hair working from ends to roots, secure in a bun, go about your day for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse. The result? Soft, touchable, clean, happier hair. If you’re feeling indulgent, a glossing treatment from John Frieda can be found at any drugstore and will add life and dimension to your otherwise winter-traumatized locks.

Hopefully these five tips will ease the transition back into the semester and allow you to focus on your courses, while still looking and feeling great. More tips and tricks can be found at EmmyJake, The Freckled Fox and Beauty Bets.

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