Note to Self: Cut Loose (Footloose)

By Courtney Tanner

Blame it on too much Martinelli’s, but this year I actually have a real New Year’s resolution.

This is an unfamiliar phenomenon for me. Usually while others are making empty promises to go to the gym, I’m jokingly resolving to eat more Taco Bell and improve my impressions of the Shane Co. diamond commercials (both valid resolutions). Maybe it’s just the cynic inside me, or possibly it’s that nobody keeps resolutions after the first 10 days in January (11 days for the extremely strong-willed), but I hate New Year’s. For 2015, though, that’s all about to change (it is Jan. 14, after all).

After little forethought and planning, and with even less plausible logistics, my resolution is to have a spontaneous and completely purposeless musical number in my life (and to marry Benedict Cumberbatch, but let’s put that on hold for now). (Also, I was kind of serious about the Taco Bell thing.)

Before the accusations of my alleged insanity flood in (which I can confirm are all accurate), let me explain. On New Year’s Eve I watched the ‘90s flick “10 Things I Hate About You,” and I had an epiphany: While it’s hard to resist a young Heath Ledger, it’s even harder to resist a young Heath Ledger singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” across a stadium for no apparent reason.

And that’s not the only film. Think of Ferris Bueller’s snazzy rendition of “Twist and Shout” or Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character dancing to “You Make My Dreams” in “500 Days of Summer.” Musical numbers, particularly those without a direct purpose, make the movie iconic.

Although my life is not an ‘80s flick or directed by Marc Webb, that is not reason enough to expect any less from me in the new year. I am ready to overcome any obstacles this may require, including my tendency to sing the wrong lyrics, my severe chorophobia (fear of dancing in public, though it sounds more like an aversion to inflatable flotation devices) and a voice that is better suited to radio engagement ring commercials.

I will spend grueling weeks practicing my acoustics in the shower and learning how to dance by watching “Footloose.” And, although Tom Cruise took the best song with “Old Time Rock and Roll” in “Risky Business,” I will search for the perfect musical number (Cheap Trick and Joan Jett are always good options).

And who knows, maybe my New Year’s resolution will attract the attention of one Mr. Cumberbatch, but I may have to drink a little more sparkling cider before I have the courage to make that a reality.

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