The five fashion do’s and don’t’s of Sundance

Once a year, Park City transforms into the ultimate city for all things fashion and film. The Sundance Film Festival started Jan. 22 and goes until Feb. 1. I had the chance to head up to Park City and check out the fashion on the streets. Every year I see something from crazy prints to black on black ensembles. Here are some tricks and tips for staying fashionable while attending the Sundance Film Festival.


If you own any fur pieces, Sundance is the time of the year to pull out all the stops. You can mix and match fur with pretty much any outfit, and it is guaranteed to keep you warm during the chilly Park City nights. My favorite fur piece is a vest. You can find fur vests at most department stores, or, if you are into vintage finds, check out your local Deseret Industries. Throw on a long-sleeved Henley or thermal under the vest for a put-together day look.

Want to wear your favorite fur piece to an after-film party? Start with a basic black skater dress and throw on your fur vest for some added warmth and glamour. Make sure to add textured tights and a rocking pair of heeled ankle boots for the ultimate cool-girl look.

All Black

After living in New York City for two years, black has become a staple in my closet. My go-to black pant is a faux leather skinny jean that is perfect for a day or night look. A graphic tee with a hint of black ties it all together and takes the look from boring to fashionable. I then add a leather jacket, preferably one that looks worn. For added warmth I throw on a wool peacoat with gold detailing and some awesome textured Oxfords.

To take this look from day to night, swap the Oxfords for a pair of ankle boots for a more glamorous feel. Next, add some flashy jewelry to spice up the graphic tee, and you are all set to walk Park City in style.


To keep yourself warm during the Sundance Film Festival, all you need are some awesome accessories. Hats are perfect because not only will they keep you toasty, but they also add edge to any outfit. My favorite is a wool hat because they still look fashionable. Find a winter wool version of that hat you wore on summer days at the beach for an added touch of feminine glam. The most commonly worn colors are burgundy, grey or black. Pick your poison because you can’t go wrong with those color options.


Want to show off your fun side at Sundance? Grab a printed coat and throw it over a simple outfit for a charming look. My favorite prints for outerwear have simple cuts but intricate details. Make sure you stick to one color palette when putting the rest of your outfit together. Another way to incorporate prints is thrown scarves. They are a great accessory to keep you warm, and some can even double as a blanket if you get chilly. Again, make sure the color palette works well together.


I would say outerwear is the most important piece of fashion for an event where you are constantly outside. You can stick with the classics, such as a peacoat or trench, or you can rock the ski bum look with a tailored puffer coat. I love the ones from Mountain Hardware. The key to picking a great piece of outerwear is all in the fit. Make sure it shows off your waist, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a giant marshmallow, and no one can pull that off.

So before you head up to Park City for Sundance, make sure you figure out what you are doing up there. Are you attending a film, a party or just walking around Main Street in hopes of spotting your favorite celebrity? Keep this in mind when picking out your outfit, and if you take these tips into consideration, you’ll fit right in with the elite look of the Sundance Film Festival.

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