Job Fair to Help Students Find Summer Work


(Photo by Cole Tan)


(Photo by Cole Tan)
(Photo by Cole Tan)


Don’t have a job lined up for this summer yet? There’s still time.

The U is hosting their annual summer job fair on Thursday. Leslie Bolton, the student job development head of Career Services, said the fair will be one of the best job fairs yet because there are more opportunities available than usual.


“The economy is doing really well and employers are ready to hire,” she said. “Companies are returning who have been at previous job fairs, as well as new ones, who know that students have great work ethics and are employable. It is a win-win situation for both students and employers.”

Bolton said landing a job now will help students with careers later down the road.

“We try to teach students from when they are freshmen at the U that work and volunteer experience is imperative to have when getting a job in the not-so-distant future,” she said. “Having a summer job is a great way to fill up your résumé.”

For students from out-of-state, the job fair provides a way to meet potential employers in Utah. Jaimee Rivera, a junior in communication, is one of those students.

“It gives a place to make connections and meet people who are hiring,” she said.

The job fair will include companies both on and off campus with a variety of positions, including sales, retail and volunteer openings. Rivera thinks the jobs at the U will be the most sought after.

“I know for myself and for a lot of other students, an on-campus job would be so easy to handle with classes,” she said.

Bolton said students don’t need to come to the fair just to find a job; you can learn workplace skills as well.

“The job fair is a great place to network and learn how to talk to employers,” Bolton said. “Students should go and talk to the employers and find out what is going on in the community … [Also] it never hurts to bring a résumé. Even if the employer doesn’t ask for one, it looks impressive.”

The job fair will be held in the Union Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Feb. 5.

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