New Online File Storage Available to Students



From tax documents to vacation photos, UBox is a secure way for students to store files on their computers and phones.


The U, with support from the Health Sciences Department, has signed a contract with Box, a California-based cloud storage site similar to Dropbox. Box allows both students and faculty to store their data and access it anywhere, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Similar to Google Docs, users can also collaborate with other users, assign certain access to certain people and post comments.

Mark Stephens, an undeclared sophomore, likes the new online storage option.

“Canvas is nice, but this will help me stay better organized with school contacts,” Stephens said. “It will also make it so I don’t have to worry about a flash drive.”

Users can store up to 50 GB of files and upload 15 GB at a time. And security for this data is something UBox takes into account, with password-protect sharing. Also, there is a 24-hour support number at the U’s Campus Help Desk for any problems.

Laura Hardy, an undeclared sophomore, said signing up for an account at is easy because it uses the same information as CIS, the U’s main website for students. She looks forward to using UBox for class.

“I’m always a little worried with storing things on cloud, but this app seems like something that could work for school stuff,” Hardy said.

The site also provides online training where users can watch tutorials on how to use the service.

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