RHA Elections Could Bring Change


(Photo by Chris Samuels)


(Photo by Chris Samuels)
(Photo by Chris Samuels)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is holding elections on Feb. 23.

RHA is an upper campus organization that hosts different events throughout the school year. Their presidential elections will close on Feb. 28 and voting is open to all students currently living on campus.


Sarah Smith, an undeclared freshman, said RHA events need more advertisement if they want to have as much of an outcome as the events put on by ASUU.

“To be honest, I don’t know who is running in this year’s race,” Smith said.

Lauren Martucci, an undeclared sophomore, said, “RHA was noticed when I lived in the dorms my first year, but now that I am off-campus I don’t hear about them or what they are accomplishing.”

RHA did not respond to questions by press time. However, students like Smith think a new president will give the program a fresh look and a new place on campus.

“Change can be a real positive action,” Smith said. “I think the new president will bring in his or her own personality to the position and be ready to tackle different challenges in a way that will allow RHA to grow to be bigger than it has been this year.”

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