And the Award for Worst Building Goes to . . .


(Photo by Chris Ayers)


(Photo by Chris Ayers)
(Photo by Chris Ayers)

“What exactly oozes on the floor of the classrooms in OSH?” asked Riley Ellis, a sophomore in exercise science. “I’ve sat in more than one classroom [there] and seen the trail of an unidentified substance across the room.”


Sights like this are not uncommon in OSH, the building many students consider to be the worst on campus. OSH is located just south of the Union. Roger Hansen, a custodian for OSH, receives complaints like these often.

“Professors are always calling for me to clean up some mess, change some fixture or at least listen to their grievances in person,” Hansen said.

He said the unknown substance on the floors is usually water — “nothing to be scared of.”

In an unofficial straw poll of 50 students by The Daily Utah Chronicle, top complaints about OSH ranged from sudden temperature changes in the building to strange noises and faulty equipment. Melissa Brown, a sophomore in business, said she never knows what to wear for her class in the building.

“In the middle of winter the classroom is known to be either an ice chest or too warm for comfort,” she said. “To make matters worse, there is no thermostat handy for each classroom, so there might be a storm going on outside, but the eight layers I wore to stay warm slowly start getting peeled off because the classroom is too hot.”

Robin Jensen, a senior in religious studies, is bothered by the cracking sounds the building makes.

“Once in class, I skipped breakfast and thought my stomach was making weird noises and the whole class could hear them,” Jensen said. “Only then did I realize that the noises were coming from the radiators and shaky windows.”

Built in 1955, OSH was designed to house enough classrooms to accommodate the high number of incoming students.

It was previously reported in Aug. 2014 that the U’s Facilities Management was conducting a survey to get a better idea of the changes needed for OSH, but no renovation plans have since been released.

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