And the Award for Best Building Goes to . . .


(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)


(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)
(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)

The Student Life Center may be one of the newest buildings on campus, but it has quickly become a favorite.

Since the center opened its doors on Jan. 12 a steady flow of students have been coming in and out. Ying Tan, a sophomore in sociology and marketing, goes to the center often, and she particularly likes the rock climbing wall.


“When you walk inside of the Student Life Center, it’s like you are in a completely different world,” Tan said. “You leave the world of books and tests and deadlines behind, and you walk through the doors and have a place to exercise and let go of the stress.”

Among the amenities offered at what students consider “the best building on campus” are indoor and outdoor leisure pools, a 15,000-square-foot fitness center and five sport courts. The facility is also designed with relaxation space. Freshens Café, which serves fruit crepes, is located inside the building, and there’s a fire pit with lounge chairs outside.

Allen Martinez, a freshman in finance, said the fitness center at the building is useful for fulfilling New Year’s resolutions.

“If I have free time between classes, I head over to the fitness center to get a good workout in,” he said. “They have everything you could possibly want. On days that I have had a tough day in class, I’ll go for a run on the track, and it always helps to clear my head.”

Martinez also said the center is in a convenient place. Located on the west side of Legacy Bride, the center is an easy walk for students living in the residence halls or riding TRAX.

Polly Creveling, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, loves to take advantage of the swimming pools on the lower level of the building.

“They really went above and beyond with the swimming options in this building,” she said. “The people who planned the building made a smart move when they created leisure pools separate from the 50-meter pool. People who want to hang out can do so without getting in the way of those of us who want to swim laps. It’s perfect.”

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