The Perks of Being a U Student

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To make up for the thousands of dollars spent on tuition, there are certain perks of being a U student that can save you money.

One of those benefits is food. By showing your UCard at Red Robin, for example, you can get a 15 percent discount. Mariya Nikolaeva, an undeclared sophomore, loves this part of being a U student.


“Food discounts are a huge incentive to go to a certain place,” she said. “I’m more inclined to use my UCard on a food discount then anywhere else.”

Those at the U also receive discounted transportation through UTA with their student fees, offering options such as TRAX and Frontrunner. Because the U is a commuter school, many students use this to get to campus.

With your UCard you can also receive a discount at different shops, including 10 percent off at Francesca’s in Gateway and 10 percent off at Alex and Ani, a bracelet store in City Creek.

“I had no idea so many stores offered a discount,” Nikolaeva said.

U students can also sign up for Amazon Student for discounts on textbooks and free two-day shipping. Nick Riccardi, a senior in video game design, uses the site for school purchases.

“It’s a great way to get free shipping, and textbooks are usually marked down by a lot,” Riccardi said.

The Wasatch Mountains in Utah are another perk of coming to the U. And local ski resorts, including Snowbird and Brighton, offer a variety of discounts on season passes and day tickets as a result.

“Skiing and snowboarding is the reason a ton of my friends came to the U,” Riccardi said. “Of course they want to go [skiing], but it is expensive to pay for a day, and an entire season is a hefty investment. The discount is a great way to allow students to be a little closer to being able to afford stuff like that.”

Riccardi said that’s just one of the best benefits of attending the U but appreciates the opportunity to save money.

“As students we are already shelling out a huge amount of money and studying incredibly hard,” Riccardi said. “We’re completely dedicated to school — having the discount is a great way to feel rewarded for just being a student.”

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