Students Block Social Media Accounts from Graduate Schools


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)


(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

From red solo cup pictures to posts on religious and political beliefs, some graduating students have taken measures to hide their life on social media from future employers.


Jenna Matsumura, a senior in environmental studies and sustainability, is just one student who decided to change her name on Facebook while she’s currently on the job hunt.

“We can all admit that when we go to interviews we are the best version of ourselves, and who we are on Facebook tells more about the overall compilation of a person, and that’s what employers are curious about,” Matsumura said.

Matsumura said making the switch “depends on who you are as a person and what field you are going into,” but the change gave Matsumura a sense of liberty and independence.

“I felt more freedom to continue to post the kind of things that I like to post on my Facebook page,” she said. “Students know that the employers are looking for them, and it gives them a sense of privacy.”

Matsmura said she chose a name that wasn’t a variation of what appeared on her official documents and interviewers never questioned her about her absence on social media.

“One of the employers knew I changed my name and one still does not have any idea that I decided to switch,” Matsumura said.

Tate Carey, a freshman in communications, disagrees with the idea of the name change.

“I feel like if I had to change my name on social media because of an employer then I wouldn’t want to be employed by them,” Carey said. “Or I should rethink my own social media uses.”

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