Students Get Their Geek On


(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)

(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)
(Daily Utah Chronicle file photo)

With finals fast approaching, ASUU wants you to channel your inner geek.

Their annual Geek Week event, held during finals week, offers studying students free food and school supplies. And the Marriott Library will stay open until 3 a.m. from April 17 to May 5.

In past Geek Weeks, the library has been open for 24 hours. Though the shortened hours came as a surprise, Grant Rainier, a sophomore in environmental studies, doesn’t mind.

“I have only stayed past 3 a.m. once, and when I did only a few other people were here with me,” he said. “It doesn’t affect too many students.”

Eli Schroeder, a junior in anthropology and an employee at the Marriott Library, is grateful for the change.

“Having the library stay open later is nicer for all students, but having it close a bit earlier is helpful for those of us who are working too,” he said.

He said the library is already packed with students but was nearly empty just a week ago.

ASUU didn’t respond to questions regarding the cost of the event. But Rainier doesn’t think it should matter.

“For so many students it is an incredible resource,” he said. “While all students have such different lives, our commonality is that we are all students who have finals, so it’s important to fund.”

Geek Week is known for bringing in food, such as pizza, and giving students an extra boost of energy. Rainier thinks healthier options, such as trail mix, might be a better alternative. But overall, he’s not complaining.

“I live in the library, anyway, and Geek Week makes studying for finals easier and breaks up the tension a bit,” he said. “It’s my favorite part of finals.”

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