6 Patriotic Ron Swanson Quotes to Celebrate America’s Birthday


ron swanson

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It’s almost America’s birthday, so what better way to celebrate the birth of our country than with some quotes from Ron Swanson, a character from NBC’s ‘Parks and Rec,’ the man who loves America, but hates government (despite the fact that he works for the government). If you’re a Libertarian, you’ll love what he has to say. If you’re not, just take it as clever satire that it is. Without further ado, here are Ron Swanson’s top six quotes about America.

ron swanson 2

Who’s up for a hot-dog eating contest? The record’s 73!

ron swanson 3

Why have government build a park, when a corporation could do it instead and charge kids a dollar to go down the slide? Go Capitalism!

ron swanson 4

Says the man who works for the government.

ron swanson 5

Survival of the fittest is good enough for animals, so why isn’t it good enough for humans?

ron swanson 6

Sounds like the students from my last group project have a great future in government.

ron swanson 7

Write that down, kids.


(Photos are from ronsays.tumbler.com, where you can find more sage advice about America, manliness, and the importance of steak.)


Have a great 4th of July!