Nine Reasons the U is the Best Place to be

If you’re into the arts at all, even just in an “I like to look at pretty things” way, the U is a great place to be. The U is incredibly friendly to the arts, whether it’s through the dance programs or the artwork that the university works to bring regularly to campus. In 1,534 square acres of campus, there are plenty of ways to meet your arts needs, whether that’s an Instagram pic of something aesthetically pleasing or a performance that will take your breath away, and we have the nine things that should top your list.

1. The Block U

block u

How many campuses have a giant statue that they actually allow people to climb on? Well, the U does — the “Block U” sculpture located right outside the Campus Bookstore. It is the perfect place to promote your school’s campus and show a little school spirit. Feel free to climb all over the U and take candid pictures with your friends. Don’t forget to post them on social media to show your love for the U.





2. Dance Programs

dance program

The U’s dance programs are some of the best in the country. High school students from around the country audition for the Department of Ballet or the Department of Modern Dance at the U. Both departments put students through rigorous training and curriculum, setting their students up for success. There will be ballet and modern dance performances throughout the year on campus, all of which are free to students with a valid UCard. Support your local dancers while you can, because they may become worldwide phenomenons one day.


3. Utah Museum of Fine Arts

The U supports the arts so much that they put a fine arts museum right on campus. It is open to students as well as the public and hosts many world-famous exhibits. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) puts in a lot of effort to get students involved. They host dances and parties for students to attend and meet others with similar interests. Students can get in free or at discounted prices, depending on the event. The museum is currently showing “The British Passion for Landscape,” a collection of over 60 landscapes by artists such as Turner, Constable and Monet on loan from the National Museum of Wales. Take advantage of your local museum and see these unique art pieces for yourself. Bring some friends or plan a cute date because you’re bound to have a good time.

4. Department of Theatre

photo (4)

The theatre department is one of the many “secret entertainment” places on the campus. If you’re looking for a cheap yet entertaining way to spend a night, just look up what the Department of Theatre is doing that week. All shows are free for U students. Attend one of the shows happening this year, which include “American Idiot,” “Animal Farm,” “Good Kids,” “As You Like It,” “Hello, Dolly!” and “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Come support these spectacular students in their one-of-a-kind performances.



5. Campus

campus 2

Anyone who has visited our campus knows how breathtaking it is. One of the best views it has is at the top of Presidents Circle. Standing surrounded by trees and grassy fields, one can also see the entire city spread out below. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset or picnic, or to just admire Salt Lake City’s beauty. My short description doesn’t do this view justice — you need to see it for yourself.




6. Department of Film

Our film school has an advantage that many other film schools don’t. It is located in the heart of one of the biggest film production areas in America, Salt Lake City, also known as the home of the Sundance film festival — a festival that people travel from around the world to attend. One of their main goals as a department is to provoke change. They want to better the U through arts and thought. Any degree that helps provoke change in this world is one worth investing in.

7. Buildings

business building

Most of our buildings are masterpieces within themselves (turn a blind eye to OSH). The old, classic buildings located in Presidents Circle and the new, modern buildings such as the Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building and Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building are equally breathtaking. They all have distinct interiors, which are bound to spark conversation with fellow admirers.




8. Red Butte Gardens

Visitors walk along a path at Red Butte Gardens, Saturday, August 28, 2015.
Visitors walk along a path at Red Butte Gardens, Saturday, August 28, 2015.

If you’re looking for a fun, outdoorsy thing to do on these autumn nights, my first suggestion would be to check out what Red Butte Gardens has to offer. Red Butte Gardens is a non-profit botanical and ecological center located on the U Campus. The venue hosts concerts, specials events, nature tours and walks around their facilities. All activities are available to both students and the public. It is a unique place that our campus helps fund and I would suggest taking advantage of it if you haven’t yet.



9. Student Art Shows

Each semester the U puts on multiple art shows featuring students’ work. Some are showcased right in the Union ballroom, which is a perfect place for anyone to stop by and admire the art. The U is proud to show off the art on one of the most public places on campus.

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